Our Services

High Hopes Center provides a caring, comprehensive, integrated approach to assessing and treating children with developmental disorders. Our therapy sessions are one on one to provide the greatest benefit to our children.

Based on the best available teaching techniques, our integrated intervention model combines aspects of speech and language therapy, occupational therapy, sensory integration therapy, physical therapy, vision therapy and other therapies, as needed. A multidisciplinary approach is utilized by our top quality therapists because a special child often needs intervention on multiple fronts.

Our goal is for each child to have effective therapeutic sessions, gain strength and achieve skills. Our senior, fully qualified therapists remain flexible and will integrate different modalities and approaches to achieve this end no matter what it takes.

Parents are the most valuable team members for us. We strongly encourage them to implement therapies at home. At the conclusion of each session, our therapists will review segments of the session with the parents, write down observations/notes and advise parents to continue at home.

High Hopes - Pediatric Therapy Center Dubai
High Hopes - Pediatric Therapy Center Dubai

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