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Amanda Graves - High Hopes Dubai

Amanda Graves

Speech and Language Pathologist,
Augmentative and Alternative Communication

Biography – Amanda is a speech-language pathologist from the United States with a Master’s degree in Speech-Language Pathology from the University of Rhode Island. Amanda has eight years of experience working in pediatrics and has developed a speciality in the area of Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC). She has worked in pediatric rehabilitation, specialized schools, and as a consultant in a variety of clinical environments. Her therapy style prioritizes the child and family to maximize the success of a communication system. Amanda recommends AAC systems based on evaluations in a variety of settings including the clinic, home, and school to get the best fit with a communication system for the child. In addition to assessment services, Amanda also provides therapeutic services for children with complex communication needs. She enjoys working in an interdisciplinary team and creating fun, functional tasks for children that let them explore their independent voice, such as participating in cooking and art activities.  

What are Speech and Language Therapies?

Our High Hopes approach is to look at the whole child when considering communication strengths and needs. For children who are not using speech to communicate, there may be alternative methods. Our specialized therapist will spend time with your child to understand his/her communication needs. At High Hopes we work to find the best fit and options for your child and family. We provide comprehensive AAC evaluations, which include recommendations for communication systems and areas of focus for specialized therapy goals. High Hopes also provides AAC therapy for children with existing AAC systems or methods.

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