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Haneen Jarrar - High Hopes Dubai

Haneen Jarrar

Clinical Director & Child Psychologist

Biography – Born and raised in Amman, Jordan, Dr Haneen pursed her undergraduate in Psychology at the American University of Beirut and received a scholarship to pursue her Masters (MSc) degree at the University of London in ‘Cognitive & Clinical Neuroscience’, graduating with honors. Haneen was recruited at Great Ormond Street hospital for children – UCL-London and was granted funding for her PhD project “Language acquisition in children with Autism”.

During the three years pursuing her PhD, Dr Haneen has worked as an ABA program supervisor at stepping stones centre Dubai, as well as a Regional Director, where her role as director was to monitor screening tests, develop therapy plans, supervise speech therapy & occupational therapy planning, and conduct parental advisory sessions.

In 2011 Haneen moved back to Amman, Jordan where she set up a clinic “Atfalona” that aims to provide high-quality services to children with special needs. Such services included ABA therapy, developmental assessments, speech therapy, occupational therapy, and psychological counselling.

Dr Haneen also helped develop special education sections in mainstream schools, train teachers on inclusion strategies, design and plan community-based intervention plans, and spread awareness utilizing workshops for parents. Dr. Haneen then joined Camali Clinic as a child Psychologist, Counsellor and Director of the School Readiness Program. Her role included ensuring high quality multidisciplinary team early intervention practices, as well as delivering support for families with mental health conditions. Dr Haneen is proud to join the High Hopes family as their child psychologist and Clinical director. Her aim is to ensure the utilization of high-quality early intervention best practices, support families and people of determination, as well as planning community based interventions.

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