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Mary McCollum - High Hopes Dubai

Mary McCollum

Doctor of Occupational Therapy

Biography – Mary obtained her Doctorate in Occupational Therapy from the top program in her field at Washington University in St. Louis School of Medicine Program in Occupational Therapy in 2013. She has worked in pediatrics both in the United States and the United Arab Emirates providing best practice care to clients and their families in a variety of settings including: rehabilitation clinics, hospitals, family’s homes and school settings. She has treated and assessed children with a broad range of challenges and is passionate about helping them and their families reach their goals and achieve their full potential. Mary continues to expand her knowledge to ensure she is providing the best evidence-based care by completing trainings in neurodevelopmental treatment (NDT), aquatic therapy, cortical-visual impairment, emotional development, pediatric yoga, sensory processing disorder, as well as the Listening Program.

What is Occupational Therapy?

Pediatric Occupational Therapists work with children of all ages and their families to ensure a child can develop and participate in their daily lives. Some daily life occupations of a child may include playing, learning how to use toys in traditional and creative ways, making craft project (drawing, cutting, coloring inside the lines), writing their homework (grasp, letter formation, line adherence), sitting and attending to class, and getting dressed and ready for their day. Recommendations for occupational therapy interventions are grounded in and supported by evidence-based research as well as an in-depth understanding of child development and the impact of challenges faced by illness, impairment, or differences in ability.

At High Hopes occupational therapy practitioners collaborate and work with an interdisciplinary team to ensure all needs of the child and family are identified and addressed. Functional goals are set according to the child and family’s desires to ensure the child can reach their full potential.

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