More than just a pediatric center

High Hopes is a new Pediatric Therapy Center in Dubai. We cater to children with super special needs, up to thirteen years of age.

We create a special program for each child, ensuring they reach their maximum potential in a comfortable and welcoming setting. Our hand-picked, fully integrated therapists specialize in physiotherapy, occupational, speech and language, feeding, and visual.

High Hopes - Pediatric Therapy Center Dubai
High Hopes - Pediatric Therapy Center Dubai

Our Super Special Ones

High Hopes caters to various disorders, including: neuromuscular diagnoses (Cerebral Palsy, Dystonia, etc.), genetic disorders, abnormal muscle tone (increased or decreased), sensory processing difficulties, delayed developmental milestones, fine motor/visual motor deficits and self-care difficulties.

We have all the necessary equipment, including a brand new sensory therapy room for the most beneficial therapies.

In addition to the above, High Hopes will collaborate with various international therapy institutions, bringing in specialized therapists throughout the year to implement their most effective techniques.

Our Core

Parents of children with special needs often spend large amounts of time going from one place to another, trying to find the right services for their children across the busy landscape of Dubai. This is tedious and inefficient.

Our entire team is located under one roof; catering specifically to the needs of the super special ones.

our vision at High Hopes

To transform the quality of life for kids with moderate to complex special needs through offering integrated best in class therapies.

our mission at High Hopes

High Hopes exists so that children with moderate to complex special needs can receive high quality therapy from a specialist team of internationally experienced therapists in an integrated way.

our values at High Hopes

To transform the quality of life for kids with moderate to complex special needs in a unique integrated approach while offering best in class therapies.

  • Child and family centered
  • Team oriented
  • Warm and positive environment
  • International expertise
  • Specialized serviced
  • Utilize new technologies to allocated resources
  • Non-profit driven
  • Clinical integrity
  • Clear priorities

Our Unique Facility

High Hopes is a warm and friendly 6000 square foot fully accessible villa located in Jumeriah. Our facilities consist of a large waiting room/fun sibling play area, speech/language therapy rooms, occupational therapy rooms, physical therapy rooms, one fully designed sensory room as well as a large therapeutic gym for fine, gross motor skills and sensory integration work that can also be used for workshops, talks and visiting collaborators offering Intensives.

Selected therapy rooms are also equipped with cameras and iPads for parents to view their kids while they’re in sessions. The center also has a large changing room and bathroom catering to kids of all ages. Finally, a beautiful playground with special swings and sensory play and a custom-made pool that our special ones for sure will enjoy.

High Hopes - Pediatric Therapy Center Dubai

Our Customized Process

Our interdisciplinary team meets with the family all together and undergoes a combined assessment that helps identify the specific goals and treatment customized plan. Our therapists will review segments of the session with the parents, write down observations and offer parents a customized easy to implement home program. Click here to know more.

Tell us about your child Establishing your childs assessment team Initial Assessment Scheduling
Optimizing your childs enviornment Baseline Report Therapy
High Hopes - Pediatric Therapy Center Dubai

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