About Us

We are a not-for-profit, pediatric therapy center for super special children with moderate to complex special needs, up to the age of thirteen years.

Every Super Special child who walks into High Hopes will benefit from a highly personalised program created exclusively around his or her needs. Our team of highly qualified therapists specialise in… Physical Therapy, Speech and Language Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Vision Intervention, and Hydrotherapy Intensives.

Our inter-disciplinary therapy programs involve therapists sharing information and working together towards a common goal for each individual child.

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Our Vision

To transform the quality of life for kids with moderate to complex special needs through offering integrated, best-in-class therapies.

Our Mission

High Hopes exists so that children with moderate to complex special needs can receive high quality therapy from a specialist team of internationally experienced therapists in an integrated way.

Our Core

High Hopes ensures access to multifunctional expertise under the same roof, which saves parents time and energy, vital resources in the care of their child.

Our Values

  • Child prioritised and family centered
  • International Expertise
  • Specialised and personalised programs
  • Warm, safe and a positive environment
  • Access to the latest technology
  • Clinical Integrity
  • Non-profit driven

Our Super Special Ones

We work with children diagnosed with a range of Neuromuscular Disorders (like Cerebral Palsy, Dystonia etc.), Genetic Disorders, Abnormal Muscle Tone, Sensory Processing Difficulties, Delayed Developmental Milestones, fine motor/ visual motor deficit and self-care difficulties.

We believe in empowering every little boy or girl we welcome into our facility. By understanding their need and then creating a program to help him or her maximise their independence in daily life, while working within their abilities.

Our Strength

We offer a Holistic View and One Integrated Plan, designed with the family’s input, to accomplish the goals set for each child with our custom-made tools that include:

  • Our thorough assessment process
  • Our tailor-made communication software and custom designed High Hopes app
  • Our interdisciplinary approach
  • Our state-of-the-art facility
  • Our ultimate therapy resources
  • Our team of experts

We source the best talents – both internationally and locally in Dubai and across the region, to ensure that our vision is realised.

High Hopes collaborates with various International Therapy Institutions and bring in their specialised therapists at regular intervals, to update or implement the latest and most effective techniques;
provide training sessions and knowledge support to our team and run specialised intensive workshops for our super special children.

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Our Customized Process

Creation of a customised therapy program for your child starts with an exchange of information between the center and you. Here is a step-by-step guide on how we provide the best therapy suited to your child.

  • Reach out to us

    Contact us either via the telephone, email or social media! People usually hear about us through our happy families, word of mouth or referrals from medical specialists/facilities.

    Reach out to us

  • Tell us more

    Once you connect with us, tell our Operations Team all about your special child and based on these details, a Key Therapist will be assigned to carry out an Initial Consultation.  If more than one therapy is required, the case will be discussed by our Interdisciplinary Team. You can also ask anything else that you wish to know about us!

    Tell us more

  • Let us assess your child

    Post the initial consultation, there will be an assessment which will allow for data to be gathered through standardised testing. Data collection is a fundamental prerequisite to formulate an individual therapy plan for your child.

    Valid standardised test data may be carried forward from previous reputable therapies as per the clinical judgement of the assigned key therapist.

    Let us assess your child

  • Details on insurance and billing

    Once a personalised therapy plan for your child is mutually decided upon, then the schedule for the therapy sessions is fixed and modalities of payment and insurance are completed.

    Details on insurance and billing

  • Records and Reports

    • Relevant reports are issued based on the assessment completed by the High Hopes Team
    • All reports will contain both the Team goals and Discipline Specific Goals which are also aligned with parent requests.
    • All goals are updated quarterly & shared with families at the beginning of each term allowing them to always stay informed about the work done in our sessions
    • Families receive Progress Reports & Home Programmes bi-annually to keep them updated about their child’s progress and achievements.

    Records and Reports

Our Journey

10 years ago, when Lynn and Majid welcomed Alia, their eldest child into their family, little did they know the extraordinary journey they were about to go on with this beautiful baby girl.

Our Board

High Hopes is certified as a not-for-profit organisation and has a committed Board of Trustees who take decisions based on the best interests of the children who visit the center.

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