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Maisa Obeid

Vision Intervention Specialist / Optometrist

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Maisa is a PhD candidate in E-Research and Technology Enhanced Learning at Lancaster University in the United Kingdom and a M.Sc. Graduate in Vision Rehabilitation from the German Jordanian University. Maisa is a certified International Accessibility Specialist and a certified Optometrist with 14 years of experience in Assistive Technology for the visually impaired and more than six years of extensive experience in vision rehabilitation as well as cortical visual impairment assessment and support. Maisa is currently the UAE representative for the G3ict initiative. Maisa’s core responsibility is to ensure inclusive access for everyone.

HER Expertise

  • Cortical Vision Intervention (CVI)

Blogs by Maisa Obeid

Vision and Children with Disability
Vision and Children with Disability
June 5th, 2023

Why is vision important in children? According to research, 80% of what children learn is through their eyes. Research also shows that up to 80%…

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