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Sara Costa

Psychomotor Therapist, Recreational Therapist & Play Therapist
DHA License Number: 68502416-001

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Sara is a dedicated Psychomotor Therapist with over a decade of experience in school and pediatric services across Portugal and Dubai. Complementing her Psychomotor degree, Sara also holds postgraduate qualifications in play therapy and recreational therapy.

Sara is specialized in mental health with vast experience in anxiety, trauma, behavioral issues, family dynamics, and positive parenting for lasting positive impact. With experience in tailoring play techniques to address individuals holistically, she fosters a nurturing environment where children and adolescents can navigate challenges using a diverse range of therapeutic modalities.

Further enhancing her expertise, Sara has pursued additional training in parenting strategies, somatic and trauma therapy, creative therapy interventions, CBIT (Comprehensive Behavioral Intervention for Tics), interventions for eating disorders in children and young people, sand tray therapy, and clay therapy. With a profound understanding of child and adolescent development, coupled with proficiency in various therapeutic techniques, Sara offers tailored services aimed at supporting the holistic growth and development of her clients.

Registered with the Portuguese Association of Psychomotor Therapy (APP), Play Therapy United Kingdom (PTUK), the National Council for Therapeutic Recreation Certification (NCTRC), and the Dubai Health Authority (DHA), Sara adheres to the highest professional standards.

Eager to contribute her expertise to High Hopes Dubai and make a meaningful impact in the lives of children, Sara is committed to delivering top-quality therapy services and fostering a culture of excellence within the team.

Fluent in both English and Portuguese, Sara can offer therapeutic support in both languages.


  • Bachelor in Psychomotor Therapy
  • Creative Therapy Interventions
  • Postgraduate in Therapeutic Recreation
  • Postgraduate diploma in Play Therapy
  • Positive Parenting Trained (Triple P Program)
  • Somatic Trauma Therapy Training
  • CBIT trained (Comprehensive behavioral Interventions for Tic’s)
  • Eating Disorders In Children and young People Virtual Play Therapy

HER Expertise

  • Adaptive Skills
  • Anxiety Disorders
  • Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD)
  • Behavioural Issues
  • Bereavement
  • Body Imagine Distortions (Body Perceptions)
  • Body Schema
  • Cognitive Development
  • Communication Disorders
  • Coping Skills
  • Dyspraxia (Developmental Disorder)
  • Eating Disorders
  • Emotional Regulation
  • Executive Functioning Skills
  • Gross and Fine Motor Skills
  • Hyperactivity Disorder or Attention Deficit (ADHD) Impulsivity
  • Lack of Self-Confidence
  • Laterality and Directionality Problems
  • Learning Disabilities
  • Maintaining Balance and Body Coordination
  • Mindfulness and Relaxation
  • Muscle Tone Disorders
  • Parenting skills & Family Support
  • Poor Concentration
  • Psychomotor Inhibition
  • Self-Esteem and Confidence Building
  • Sensory Processing Disorders
  • Sinblings Rivalry
  • Sleep Issues (eg. nightmares)
  • Social Skills
  • Social Skills Development
  • Spatial or Time Perception
  • Tic’s disorders
  • Tonic-Emotional Disorders
  • Transition and Change Management
  • Trauma and PTSD

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