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Dr. Mike Binet - High Hopes Dubai

Mike Binet

Physical Therapist

Biography – Mike began practicing as a doctor of physical therapy in 2003 at The Children’s Hospital of Colorado where, over an 11-year tenure, he developed expertise in providing care for children with complex medical presentations.

He co-founded multiple pediatric subspecialty clinics including The Rett Syndrome Clinic and went on to complete manual therapy certification through The Institute of Physical Arts. In 2014, Mike received the opportunity to travel to India where he spent two years training developing manual therapists in an intensive residency format at the Vardan Center.

He went on to add certifications in the BSPTS Schroth approach to scoliosis-specific exercise and ABPTS Pediatric specialty certification.

Mike is a creative and energetic professional joining compassion with a partnered approach to achieving the unique goals of each family.

What is Physical Therapy?

The marriage of science and art to build the physical abilities of children with special needs. Working from your child’s strengths, we clarify the component steps to achieving your child’s specific functional goals. We employ evidence-based techniques and renowned expertise to facilitate measurable gains and expand the breadth of his or her life experiences.

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